Sunday, June 6, 2010

The very first ever Roblog

I’ve been serving up electronic snark to my family for several years. My mom likes to compare me to Dave Barry, which I’m pretty sure is supposed to be a compliment. Occasionally a family member will say that I should write for a wider audience. I have always dismissed this, but I finally decided to give this blog thing a try, since it’s what the cool kids are doing these days. And really, there’s just not enough people putting random musings on the internet anyway, so I’m just helping to eliminate that shortage.

Whenever I write about a family member or friend, I will use an alias in order to preserve some anonymity. If I know you and you want to choose your alias, send me an email at I guarantee that I may or may not use it, and I also guarantee that I may or may not ever write about you. If you are one of my enemies or a famous person, I’ll probably just use your real name. Unless you are Josh Groban, in which case you are both my enemy and a famous person, then I will just call you Jerkface.

I might use aliases for locations as well, if I am concerned that revealing the location will compromise anonymity. For example, I might say that I served an LDS mission in Schmentucky, home of the Colonel's famous Schmentucky Fried Schmicken.

I'm using some of my old stuff that I wrote previously to beef up the content a little. Then I'll post new, fresh stuff when I feel like it.

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