Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2 of 4.3

Too brain-tired to compose a comprehensive article. 

Perhaps tomorrow I will give a detailed account of the day's doings.  Note that I said perhaps.  Here are a few teasers:

There may or may not have been blood.
I may or may not have jumped into the shower fully clothed.
We may or may not have had lunch at IN-N-OUT because Rocky made me laugh.
Buzz may or may not have started shrieking uncontrollably during an episode of "The Smurfs."  

***Spoiler Alert***
All of the above items happened today. 

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king_jona said...

If I had been drinking milk while reading these Fathers Day blogs, there would now be traces of it in my nose, and several ounces on my screen, and in my keyboard. (That's my version of LOL)